Sunny days

Vegan chickpea burger, my love bean and a sunny weather. Literally all I need right now! So happy about everything even though I'm a bit tired trying to get my days to have enough hours for work, friends and family. But right now I'm in such a happy place that some sleepless nights don't even bother me at all. And it feels like it's the first time in years I don't have a single worry that's in the back of my head! So happy happy happy. (Let's hope it stays this way haha)

Today my friends were here and visited my lil family and it was nice to catch up after a looong time and also nice for Baby N to meet some new people since we're trying to get him as comfortable as possible with everyone. This way it'll be easier when he's bigger and we start having babysitters etc!

It's 9 in the evening and I still have like half a day's stuff left on my schedule to do haha. So I'll try to find some evening inspiration and energy and be as effective as possible so I sooon can cuddle up in bed with my boys. <3 And maybe have some snacks to pep myself... :) Best advice on how to get in the work mood haha.



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