Sunday mood

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This weekend has been awesome in so many ways. It feels like we finally "dare" to do more things and go out more with the baby and it feels really good to be able to do more stuff now again. So we've been out lunching, taken the car to new places of the city and going out on walks there etc. And also we took Baby N with us to church today for the first time.

Now I start feeling the lack of sleep slowly kicking in. It's not that bad and we do get some sleep (still), but to only sleep for 1-2 hours in a row is a bit rough when you're not used to it. And I used to sleep 10 hours in a row before having a baby haha...

So right now I'm not the most energized mama out there but what helps me is the fact that all parents have gone through this stage and survived! So a couple of years like this won't be that bad. What's funny is that our baby sleeps so much better and deeper during the days for some reason haha. I think he likes when there's sounds in the background and things happening around him. During the days he doesn't wake up no matter what, but during the nights he's a bit fussy. (He does sleep pretty well at night too, we're just spoiled since he sleeps even better at day time hehe)

Next week our schedule is totally packed so I'll try to get some rest today so I'll have the energy for everything. Tomorrow starts in the best possible way with one of my best friends coming here to visit us and later tomorrow my husband's family also comes to Stockholm to be with us for a couple of days. And next week Baby N has his first photoshoot job, going to be fun to see wether he likes it or not. He gets his first workday and salary before he's even 3 weeks old, what a guy haha! I'm so excited to see how he feels about being with lots of new people and infront of the camera.



Boss baby!
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