Summer days

This weekend has been so good and sweaty. The weather is a biiit to warm for us and especially for Nate who has been a bit fussy because it's so uncomfortable in this heat. Poor bubba! It feels like he's getting used to it though, since he's been a lot happier today and not in such panic by the warm weather. I still hope it'll get a bit less unbearable soon so we can be more outside during the days! (Ps. People are actually still refusing to accept that climate change is happening even though more and more cities are getting new record temperatures...?!)

Yesterday our family including Thomas' parents went to visit what's probably going to be our new area soon. We had lunch at a cozy restaurant and strolled around a bit. And today we went to T.G.I.F for some combined lunch and dinner before we strolled around some more. Stockholm is so beautiful during the summer! And yes, our biggest hobby in this family is to go and try new restaurants haha...

Right now my biggest addiction is water and protein bars! I have zero inspiration to eat warm meals in this weather so it's mostly protein bars and bowls on the menu right now. Today we brought home 3 XL size boxes filled with protein bars. You should see our fridge guys. Only bars & diet coke haha! We need to get better at food-stuff when Nate starts to eat normal food. :)



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