Stressy days

Isn't this the cutest view ever?! I'm so overwhelmed and lucky to have those two guys in my life. <3

Today when my alarm went off all I wanted to do was to stay in bed for at least two more hours at least. I don't know why it's mentally so much worse to get up just because you have an alarm? When I wake up the same time by myself I'm fine but whenever I need to wake up it's impossible haha.

We've had kind of a stressy but good day! Actually this whole week will be stressy but good. We started today by going to the children's doctor with Baby N where they gave us a remiss to take some blood samples of him which we will do tomorrow. I really hope it goes as well as the first time we took a blood sample of him, he didn't even notice anything happened haha.

My good friends are here in Stockholm visiting me & Baby N and we've had the coziest day together. We started with brunch in Vasastan and then went for a long walk to Östermalm, stopping by some stores, cafés etc. It was so nice to have some extra hands with Baby N, it's a good change to walk without holding a stroller every once in a while haha. It was also the first time after my operation I've walked so much in a row and it felt GREAT to be outside and in action! (For some reason I didn't take a single picture, will try to take some tomorrow when they're still here.)

In the afternoon we had another visit at the children's doctor, the booking had gone a bit wrong hehe. We barely made it in time since we both had meetings right before. Then we continued with a well-needed 2 hour nap and now my husband is making us dinner while I'm feeding N his dinner. <3



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