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Find cleansing water here

Make-up wipes here

Foundation here

Mascara here

Hi loves. This week I got home some new products from Cocopanda, this time by the Finnish brand Lumene. I hadn't tried any of these products before so I simply chose them based on reviews and what items I needed atm.

Let me tell you that the mascara "True Mystic Volume" is amazing. I always have a hard time finding good mascaras and for some reasons I 9/10 times choose the absolute worst ones haha. But this one is great and it gives the perfect amount of volume!

Then my other favorite of this set is the "Micellar Cleansing Water". In January I started using Micellar Cleansing products instead of the gel ones I'd been using and since that I've tired both Codage's and Nivea's versions and now I'm trying Lumene's as well. So when I remove my make-up I first use the wipes, then I rinse with water and after that I use the cleansing water before I put on the rest of my skincare routine.

Lately I've been using a lot less make-up than before, most days I don't use anything. But when I do my new favorite is to only put on some foundation and mascara. Probably the lightest version of light make-up haha, but it works really well, especially for me since I'm always in a hurry and don't have much time to do my make-up.



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