So many firsts

Today was a day of many firsts. Mini had his first check-up at Lidingö's BVC, he had gained 0,5kg in 1,5 weeks and grown 3 more cm! Proud of my little love bean. And happy that breastfeeding is working so well - one thing that would really be stressing me out if it didn't.

We officially gave Nathaniel his full name today since we gave in the paper work, so now we're just waiting on his name ceremony that will take place in the beginning of July. And after this little appointment we decided to go out for lunch. The first time we took Baby N to a restaurant with us. Last week we tried but it ended with take away pizza and breastfeeding in the car haha.

Since Baby N slept through our whole lunch it felt almost completely like before, me and my husband out on a cozy lunch date. Only now it was 100 times more cozy since we had Mini with us. Wonder when our first "alone time" will be again?! We're thinking about going out on a date just the two of us in the beginning of July, but let's see if our little bean feels big enough to have a babysitter for a couple of hours then already.

Tonight I've been preparing a bit for a photoshoot next week and working a bit with other projects I have going on. But the absolute highlight of this night was Nathaniel having his first bath! We waited a bit longer than the usual because his chord thingy dropped so late (last night) and we were told not to bathe him before that. You should have seen how happy Baby N was after his bath! He just laid there in his little bath robe and looked happy. My momma heart melted a bit. <3

Otherwise I'm a bit restless now. My body feels so ready to start doing things normally again but the recommendation is not to do anything until 6-8 weeks after the C-section. I've already picked up things I've dropped on the floor even though it's a big no no and even though I notice it hurts a bit afterwards I feel "good enough" to do things like that. So I'm both restless and a bit worried I'll overdo it and hurt myself in some way while being too active too fast. Therefor I'm still trying to relax and not do toooo much!



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