Smileo review - getting a brighter smile

(In collaboration with Smileo)

I've tried a teeth whitening kit and whitening powder from Smileo. All their products are vegan which I LOVE and they don't do any animal testing. These are some of the main reasons I use these products because those two things are very important to me!

I'm holding their Charcoal Whitening in the pictures above - my favorite product. It's an organic whitening powder you can use every day. I could see immediate results after trying it once. In fact with all their products you can see results in as little as 10 minutes! I've tried both the powder and whitening kit a couple of times and my teeth have already gone at least a couple of shades whiter already.With regular use your teeth can get up to 8 shades whiter in only 7 days.

Before I tried this kit I was a bit worried it would hurt or feel uncomfortable but these products cause no harm or pain neither during or after the use. Smileo uses no peroxides which is a thing that normally causes pain when whitening your teeth. So these products feels really safe to use and I like them a lot!

The whitening kit is surprisingly easy to use! I'd expected it to be a lot more complicated but it's actually very smooth. Since it's so easy to use it also makes it easier to use it every day and in this way get the best results.

I didn't think that much about my teeth until a couple of months ago when I discovered that they weren't as white as they used to be anymore. Therefor I got interested in trying these products but I didn't really have that much expectations since I hadn't try products like these. I actually gave a whitening kit to my sister as a christmas gift and she loved it so I assumed I would like it as well. And I sure do! Seeing the results in such little time is the best thing. I'm gonna keep on using these for sure! The kit gets 5/5 when it comes to how easy it is to use and how good the results are.

I also don't want to use any products that can be harmful for the teeth or body so I felt that this kit is a great way for me to get a brighter smile in a safe way without having to worry about side effects or something like that.

AND if you wouldn't be happy with the results or you don't see any difference Smileo has moneyback guarantee!

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