Shopping tips

(In collaboration with Rabatterat)

If you love shopping and most of all online shopping I have a little advice on a site that'll help you get more for your money! This site, Rabatterat, has since 2008 collected campaign codes and the best sales for you and they have codes from over 500 companies that'll help you get some money off while shopping. Click here to visit their site.

If you wonder what type of stores and website they have these campaign codes to, it's everything from clothing to interior and food and exactly everything else in between! So you'll definitely find something out there for you as well. :) They have some of Sweden's most famous brands and also many many more. The best part is that this site doesn't require a membership and it's completely free to use, so it's a win-win situation in every way.

Since I don't really have time to go shopping in real life I mainly shop online when it comes to everything from groceries to clothing and everything else you might need in your everyday life. A good advice is to just check this site for sales and campaigns whenever you're about to go shopping online, whatever it is you're looking for. Because they'll most likely have something good that'll make your shopping even more fun (and less expensive), so it can be nice to keep your eyes open and check if there's anything up at the moment that can be useful for you!

Ps. If you're in the shopping mood right now they have some great offers up on the site at the moment. For example to a clothing store with men's clothing, some groceries and if you're in the mood to book a trip. :)



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