Preggy update - WEEK 25

The baby: Baby boy is 34cm now! It feels like a lot to have in a belly haha. And soon he’ll finally be that first kg, but he still weighs only around 700g. I can really feel how Mini is getting stronger all the time since his kicking is getting more wild and you can see on the surface of the belly how and where he is moving around. Mini is reacting to music in a new way now and responds to poking by kicking back. <3 A cute thing is that at this point the baby can use his hands for covering his ears if music/some noise is too loud. At this point you can also feel the baby’s hiccups on the surface of the belly.

The mommy: Sleeping isn’t that glammy anymore since I wake up constantly to pee and no position feels good for more than a minute. So my new thing is to lay awake and count kicks during the night hehe. I’m FINALLY eating normal meals again and it feels GREAT. I still get full easily but since my nausea has gotten better I can now manage a normal lunch. How nice?! I’ve also gotten back my normal taste for lemonade, so now I’m enjoying a glass of that everyday. I couldn’t stand it for the first 5 months of pregnancy so I’m surprised it came back all of a sudden.

My belly has grown so much during the last couple of weeks. It’s insane! I went from having a pretty tiny bubble to now not being able to put on socks haha. And to shave anything below the belly is close to impossible and more like a guessing game - I can’t see my feet anymore so that’ll explain a lot!

How I found out I was pregnant: This question has been showing up in my DMs since I announced my pregnancy so now I thought I’d put it here as a little bonus.

I was very underweight during the summer but when we got married and decided that we wanted to have a child (if it was possible for me and my body) I really did everything to eat better and gain weight. My weight gain came very slowly but my body picked up on the nutrition so one month after our wedding day I got my first periods in YEARS. I was so happy about it but I didn’t want to get too excited since I know getting your period once doesn’t mean you’ll get pregnant. But my hope started growing and I wanted it so much that it was on my mind all the time.

2 weeks after my periods I had really sore breasts and they felt super swollen. A tiny part of me said ”you might be pregnant” but I didn’t want to get disappointed so I convinsed myself it couldn’t be that. But every night my husband would say he thinks I’m pregnant already. So 3 weeks after my first periods I bought a test and took it. It was negative. It broke my heart a tiny bit even though I know you can’t expect to get pregnant that fast. What I’d missed was that on the package it said that you have to be 4 weeks pregnant for the test to work!

I discovered this some days later and then took a new test on exactly the morning of the 4th week after my periods. This time my hopes weren’t as high as during the first test since it had been negative so I was a bit calmer but I can still remember how fast my heartbeat was. I almost didn’t dare to look at the results and my husband was outside the bathroom door waiting for me. AND IT WAS POSITIVE. I was 4 weeks pregnant. That was a priceless moment for us and I kind of wish someone would have taped it haha. I’d love to see my face! My hubby took the morning off and we went to have brunch to celebrate our little miracle.

I know with all my heart that this was meant to be exactly like this. People are often surprised by the fact that I got pregnant only a month after our wedding day and after only my first periods in years. Trust me, so am I. God is beyond good. And this journey has been the best one in my life. I can’t believe he’ll be here in 3 months and then a whole different chapter starts. Big love.



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