The last vacation we went on was both good and bad. I love Los Angeles and we had a really good time but I was pregnant with Nate at the time and on LOTS of medication because I suffered from hyperemesis. So it was also very rough to travel and I got stressed out because I wanted to enjoy every minute but the last couple of days I mostly stayed in our hotel room. Luckily we had a great hotel so it made the last days great as well.

Now we're planning our first trip as as family since we're going to spend a whole month in Marbella this winter. What do you do with a baby on vacation? What do you need to think of? What area is the most family friendly? How do I get all the baby stuff I need to bring on the flight? How do we get a stroller on the flight? There's so many questions and things we need to think about that simply didn't exist before Nate arrived. So going away means 100 more planning and you can't just go with the flow like we used to before.

I notice this because this Friday we're leaving for Finland and although we're just going to stay there for 5 days we need to bring so much stuff and plan everything so much haha. At the same time it's SO MUCH COZIER to plan a trip and go somewhere with this little bubba. So basically parent life means 100 more planning and 1000 more love!



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