Our traveling routines

I've gotten questions about how we do when we're traveling with our 3-month-old son and are staying at hotels etc. It's easy to get such clear routines at home and you do everything in a specific way, you have your routines and favorite toys, baby gyms and more. So it's always a challenge to leave home with a baby! But we're getting better at it... :)

First of all, I always bring Nate's favorite small toys that are easy to pack and what I ALWAYS bring no matter where we go is the baby sitter! The first time we traveled and I didn't bring the baby sitter I had no where to put him and he doesn't want to lay down all the time so it was the worst to always having to carry him and have him in your lap. I didn't have my hands free for a single minute. Therefor, always take the baby sitter haha!!

It shows that Nate knows that he's in a new place and he's not as "comfortable" at hotel rooms as he is at home. So I've discovered that the easiest way to make him calm and happy is to go for long walks, because his stroller feels familiar and he loves being outdoors. Now when we've spent quite some time at hotels he is getting more comfortable with it, but in the beginning he got a bit fussy so powerwalks and just being outdoors was a big help then!

For example today we've been on two long powerwalks and been going in and out of stores (he basically likes being anywhere in his stroller as long as he has stuff to look at so it's easy to take him shopping or something similar). The hours we've been in the hotel room he's been happy as well so this time I can finally relax a bit even though we're not at home haha. Last time we joined my hubby on a business trip I thought I was going to get a mental breakdown but this time it's all good!

The actual traveling always goes well for now because Nate is a good sleeper and if he's awake he is calm and happy as long as he's close to me or Thomas. So it hasn't been the traveling but more the hotel stays that have been a bit tricky for us. Now it's getting better and better so my best advice is just to stay calm and let it take its time. The more you travel with your baby the more he/she will like it!



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