Our new routines with the nanny

Hi loves. It feels so weird to have time to be all by myself during the days. With time for myself, to think, do work, take a long shower, go wild and put on a face mask if I want to, go out and just sit in the sun and listen to music for a while.

It's our first week with a nanny here and our new routine is that in the morning I spend 1 hour quality time with Nate when Thomas has gone to work. Then our nanny comes here and I get ready before I start my day. Then I work for some hours and take some time for myself to do something I enjoy before the nanny leaves. When she leaves for the day I feel so relaxed, knowing that I've gotten all work done for the day and having had time for some me-time as well. Then I spend 1-2 more hours of quality time with Nate before Thomas gets back from work.

Yesterday I spent those hours going on a long walk with Nate and then making dinner with him by my side. Hiring a nanny already feels like the absolut best choice I've made in a long time. I even have time to miss my lil bubba a little hehe.

I used to feel the need to be available and answer work stuff every hour of the day. Now that I have time to actually sit down and get everything done without getting disturbed or being in a rush it feels completely different. When the nanny leaves I can just turn off my phone knowing that I'm "done for the day" and then I just want to spend time with my family. Even if I notice my mailbox just keeps getting bombed throughout the evening I'm fine knowing that I'll have time to look through everything in the morning. And mentally this makes such a big different! I feel so much more relaxed and calm.



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