Off to Mariehamn

Hi loves. Right now I'm at the harbor in Kapellskär waiting to board the boat that is taking us to Mariehamn! I'm so excited to try this "new route", it only took 1 hour to drive here from Stockholm city and the boat to Mariehamn is just a 2 hour trip from here, so in other words it's basically as simple as flying since it takes a looong time to drive to the airport, go through check-in, security and so on. But mostly we're going by boat since Nate has so much stuff we want to bring haha. The whole car is filled with stuff once again.

I'm so happy for our little Ålands-trip that we're going on now, even though it's mostly a business trip we also have lots of fun things scheduled and I haven't been to Mariehamn in what feels like foreeeever so I'm actually very excited hehe.

We're staying at a cozy hotel in the center of Mariehamn and tomorrow after work we're driving to Havsvidden for a spa night. Spa!! How nice. I thought it would take me at least a year since I'd be back at a spa after having a baby haha but tomorrow we've arranged it so we'll be able to have a relaxing moment and spa night. <3 If anyone has good advice on Åland you're more than welcome to share!!

Nate has slept with us in our bed for around 2 weeks now but yesterday I noticed that my whole body was sore from trying to sleep in weird positions to avoid being too close to him haha. So last night I was super tired and decided I'd be strict and make him sleep in his own bed again. I was prepared for a tough night and lots of crying but when I put him in his own bed he just smiled and fell asleep haha... :) Maybe the separation anxiety is more me than him oops.



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