Off on a business trip

Right now I'm packing faster than ever before. I realized I have exactly two hours until we leave from home and I have packed exactly two items haha. So now I'm kind of in a hurry but I hate stressing so I'm just taking it chill and thinking that the worst that can happen is that I need to buy some new stuff there that I forget/don't have time to pack. :)

We're leaving on yet another business trip together, my dear husband and I (and Nate obviously) and one of the absolute best things with both of our works is that we're able to do so much together as a family instead of doing everything separately and needing to be away from each other for long times and trips. I strongly dislike being at home alone and especially now that we have Nate that's simply not on my list of things to do so we just try to do as much as possible together as a family.

Then again it's not like we do everything together during our trips but the most important thing is that we are together at the hotel room in the evening and can cuddle up in bed together. And knowing that I have a husband who can change Nate's diapers during the night haha... ;)

Before we leave I'm also on my way to meet a mommy who has a son that's only 2 weeks younger than Nate. It's the first time Nate is meeting a baby his age so it's going to be pretty funny to see what he thinks about it! And for me it's so nice to meet someone who's going through the exact same phases etc. When they're this young everything changes so fast so it's hard to find someone who's on the same page (aka. has a baby almost the exact same age as you)

Now I really need to start packing though... See you later loves. <3



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