Not just a face and a story

I'm back in Stockholm after a great (and hectic) vacation. It feels kind of depressing to get back home when it's pitch dark outside and you see zero people on the street. But the best part of getting back home was definitely to meet my doggo again, although he was a little moody since he didn't get to come on vacation with us.

The 11 hour flight to Stockholm felt like a week. I'm one of these people that simply can't sleep on the plane. So during the first hours I sit there trying to enjoy myself, eating snacks and just getting comfy. Then it always takes this weird turn when 90% of the plane has fallen asleep and I'm over tired but still can't sleep. The thing is that I laugh at everything when I'm too tired, so I sat there on the plane watching a semi good movie and just screamed of laughter while the rest of the plane was dead quiet.

A thing that has been very difficult this past week is that so many emotions I've avoided have kind of hit me now. Talking to the media, to friends and family about everything that has happened these past 6 years brings more and more painful memories to the surface. Some good ones as well though. My story has gotten so much reactions from every corner that it feels like I need to remind people that I'm just this human being going through that story you read about. I'm not just a face and a story. And I just realized that before all this, I haven't even stopped and reflected that much on what's really happened. I've been so caught up in my own roller-coaster that I haven't reflected on what's happened. Until now.

Now I'm pretty sure I'm gonna be asleep before 9PM because of jetlag. I'm excited to get back to my work routine tomorrow but at the same time I'd be so up to having one more day off, just laying in bed watching series. But that will have to wait until christmas or something!!

Ps. This is such a weird year. It's the first time I'm enjoying autumn and the first time I'm looking forward to christmas?! I'm so confused. Bye. <3 (Here's two last pictures from LA)



kommer du ställa upp på nån till intervju alls? 😊
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