Next week's schedule

Monday: Nate has his 3-month check-up at BVC here on Lidingö so we'll spend the morning there. Then I'll take the day off since it's my last day at home without a nanny, so I'll have some quality time with Nate. In the evening I'm meeting up with a friend downtown.

Tuesday: The nanny has her first day here with us so I'll show her around and help her to get to know Nate etc. I'll then finally catch up with work stuff and have my first real "office day" without having to try to match it with Nate's nap times haha. In the evening me & my husband have a meeting in Täby and then I'm meeting some friends!

Wednesday: Work work work during the day and in the evening our friends from USA arrive in Stockholm so we'll go for dinner with them.

Thursday: We're spending the whole day with our American friends, and I actually have no idea what the schedule includes since they're the ones who's been planning it hehe.

Friday: Gröna Lund!! Finally. I've been waiting on this for over a year and now finally I get to go on every roller-coaster and laugh my butt off. My mom arrives in Stockholm in the afternoon so she'll come to Gröna Lund to pick up Nate and spend the night with him while the rest of us stay there for a concert.

Saturday: My little amazing family is getting sealed in the temple. <3 Wow. I've been waiting on this day ever since me & my husband got married. We had a civil wedding ceremony last year so now we're having "the other half" aka the religious half of it all. And I'm beyond excited. After the temple sealing we're going to spend the day celebrating with our families and our friends from the states before they fly back home.

Sunday: My mom will be with Nate while we're in church, which I've been waiting for a lot since church lately has been more of a "sitting in the nursing room feeding Nate" kind of thing haha. After that we'll eat lunch with our guests and have a nice day. I think me & Thomas are going to go on a little baby-free date night as well. <3



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