New posters = blue theme

(In collaboration with Desenio)

Hi loves. I've finally gotten home my new posters that we chose for this autumn. We wanted to break the rules a bit and instead of going for a typical autumn theme we chose this blue beach theme instead! It's a reminder that we're soon in Marbella so the dark nights this autumn won't be that bad... :)

Find the poster "Sunshine on my mind" here

And the poster "Parasols" here

It's funny because Nate LOVES our posters (we have in total 6 in our livingroom) and when he catches one he can't stop looking at it. So sometimes he simply sits and watches our posters for 15 minutes in a row haha.

Before we started our "blue theme" we had everything in a light purple theme here at home. It's so interesting how a change of posters can do so much - our livingroom looks completely different just because we changed our color scale from purple/pink to blue! I actually like this blue theme better since blue is my absolute favorite color.

If you want to get some new posters for the home to get a fresh autumn look (no matter if you actually want a autumn vibe or want to break the rules like me haha) you find everything you need from Desenio. We've been buying our posters from there in over a year now and they basically have everything you might want.

Get -25% off at Desenio with my code "MOLLIES" between 10.-12.9!

(The code works on all posters except for handpicked-/collaboration-/personalized posters)



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