Nathaniel 1 month old

1 month ago my absolute favorite thing arrived to this world! How crazy is that. I still can't believe he is MY son and that I get to be with this amazing little guy every day. He has grown SO much during this month and he doesn't feel anything like he did when he first arrived. He develops every minute and his personality becomes bigger and more clear for each day. It's so nice to watch how fast everything happens but at the same time a bit scary and I already have baby anxiety and want this baby bubble to last just a liiiittle bit longer... Here's a little update on what's going on with our 1-month-old son at this point!

Sleep: His sleeping pattern is sooo different depending on the day. Some days and nights he sleeps almost all the time and falls asleep the second you put him down/in his car seat/in the stroller. But then some days he can be awake for 6 hours straight and only take a couple of short naps during the day and then sleep around 8 hours at night with food breaks every 2-2,5 hour. And also sometimes he won’t fall asleep unless he gets to be on my chest. It's so different from day to day so it's impossible to know how much rest/sleep/"free time" me & my husband are going to get haha. He still hasn't slept more than 3 hours in a row and to be honest I'm kind of waiting on the night we'll get 4 hours of sleep in a row, but at the same time this stage is cozy so it's okay. We do get enough of sleep and I'm really surprised of how energized I feel! Last night we actually slept for 10 hours!! (With only some food breaks)

Eating: Our little guy eats a lot and has gained around 1,5kg during this first month! He weighs 4,5kg now and is 55cm tall. When he was born I thought he was so skinny and was almost afraid to touch him and carry him around. Now he has the cutest chubby cheeks and feels so much steadier and not as fragile. He eats with 1-3 hour breaks and I don't really know when the breaks are going to become longer?! I feel a bit scared to leave Thomas alone with Baby N even just to go out for a long walk or to the store, because I never know if Nathaniel is going to be hungry in one hour or three, so it's always a bit risky to leave the house haha.

Everyday life: I don't really know what I'd expected, but life with a baby is nothing like I imagined it. I still feel 100% like ME. I don't have to compromise who I am, what I do etc. to be a mother, it all just fits together in a perfect balance. And for this I'm so grateful! I'm meeting friends as much as before and Baby N is the best to bring along, he loves going on adventures and everything just goes smoothly. Me & my husband do mostly the same type of things together as before, only now there's three of us instead of two. I'm working as much as before and I feel even more motivated and inspired right now. So to sum it up, this stage of having a baby feels great! It probably gets more difficult at some point but right now I'm enjoying this 110%. 

The only thing that feels a lot different is that you "can't take a break". When he wakes up at night and wants food you can't press "snooze" and sleep for 10 more minutes because you have a screaming baby in the bed next to yours. And you can't really decide a specific dinner time or how long you're gonna take a shower, because the baby is a bit of a leader when he's so little. So the schedule pretty much goes after his needs! But that's something I'm perfectly okay with since I'm not a control freak and don't get stressed out if I don't get to eat my lunch at a specific time.

So now we’re pretty much just enjoying life exactly as it is right now and take one day at a time. Every day feels like an adventure with our little guy and it’s also funny to see how you grow as a person when you become a parent. Now we’re about to take a long walk and then cuddle up in front of a good movie. <3 



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