Nate's 3 month update

On Thursday my little bubba is exactly 3 months old. Wow?! Time is going by fast but at the same time it feels like we've had him at home with us forever. It's honestly hard to remember what life before him looked like.

Today at BVC he got his first vaccination shots and I almost cried because it was pretty emotional to see my baby get shots since even I myself hate getting them. He was so good though and only cried for some seconds before it was over and I got to cuddle with him. But I notice that he is a bit effected by the vaccination since he's been super tired the whole day and his stomach hurts a bit. It's common that they get a fever after these shots so I've gotten some painkillers for babies that I have ready if he would get very ill!

Now at 3-months-old he is 64cm tall and weighs 6.5kg. It's crazy how fast they grow but I'm happy he's healthy and is growing so well. He really likes to eat haha. <3

Sleep: He hasn't gotten any routines for naps or when we put him to bed in the evening so during the day it variates a lot. Some days he barely naps at all while some days it feels like I barely see him because he's asleep so much haha. But for us it works just fine not having any patterns since no matter if he's been napping much or not at all during the day he sleeps super well 9/10 nights. Most nights he sleeps for almost 12 hours with only a couple of food breaks. Every once in a while we have some less good nights where he wakes up every 2-3 hours and wants food and wants to wake up pretty early. But both me and my husband have gotten at least 6 hours of sleep every(!) night since he was born, and mostly we get to sleep for around 8 hours so I feel very lucky. Especially since I don't function at all when I have a lack of sleep this is a big blessing hehe...

Food: I still breastfeed him fulltime since he's still too little to eat anything else than milk/formula. But in a month or so he'll get to start try some "real food" woohoo! Right now I feed him every 2nd or 3rd hour during the days and during the nights he can go without food for up to 9 hours! I've also started pumping milk a lot more so my husband, our nanny or someone else can feed him sometimes. But mostly I breastfeed him since I think it's the easiest choice and it's also the coziest choice. <3

Other: He smiles so much during the days and my mommy heart is so happy and I would literally do about anything to see him smile a bit hehe. Since day 1 he's been really good at entertaining himself so sometimes he plays for 2-3 hours in a row on his own, mostly in his baby gym. He is so interested in the different toys, colors, sounds etc. On fussy days he is less good at entertaining himself and wants more attention and mostly just to be in someone's lap all the time. But overall he's a pretty happy and calm baby!



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