My tattoos & their meanings

1. My love for music

Even though I don't work with it anymore music will always be one of the most important things to me. This was my first tattoo and I remember squeezing my best friend's hand for 30 minutes straight while getting it. I simply took it because of the love I have for music and I wanted it to always be a part of me.

2. The NEDA symbol

When I relapsed in my anorexia I decided to get this NEDA symbol. It represents strength, courage and recovery. It also stands for self-respect, acceptance and love. This tattoo is my favorite one and will always be. <3

3. A broken heart

This tattoo was made in Hollywood last year. I was in California working with music & record labels but I was very brokenhearted. At this point in my life I think I sort of realized that the music industry wasn't right for me. Especially in LA where you see that it's all about drugs and money I felt out of place and lost. No one really cared about how I sang, they just wanted a voice that would be good on radio and a look that would fit their ideals.

I remember that I did an interview a week after I got home from LA where they asked about my broken heart tattoo and if I think I'll always be brokenhearted. I anwsered yes. Little did I know that I would be filled with happiness, love and healing in just a few months. But I took this tattoo when I was going through the worst time of my life.

4 & 5. A feminist symbol and "beyond repair"

I got the feminist symbol on my 18th birthday. It's a diamond & the female symbol combined. It reminds me that women are strong, brave and beautiful.

Beyond repair is my last tattoo and that's permanent. I'm not gonna have any more than these five! I took "beyond repair" in Berlin when I was working on my album (that never got out). I was at the bottom of all bottoms and I did feel "beyond repair". When people ask me if I regret my "sad tattoos" since I'm happy and on my way to healing right now the anwser is no. These tattoos reminds me of how strong I am now and what I went through and have to give up to become happy and healthy. Having these doesn't make me sad, the opposite. They make me feel even more grateful for the fact that I don't feel this way anymore. And it's a remembrance of the fights I've gone through. <3



Ä l s k a r din tattoo post!!!!! Så jävla coolt. 💗👊 u are KILLIN IT 👏💅
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