My mini

(In collaboration with Babyshop)

Once again my Mini human is wearing a lovely outfit from Babyshop (find an awesome discount at the end of this post!) and I'm wearing whatever's comfortable and easy to take off since I'll probably have milk-puke on it in around 10 minutes haha.

Tonight I was so tired and slept so good I thought I was gonna die when I woke up the first time around 02:30 to breastfeed. At night I always feed Nate laying on the side so it doesn't really take that much effort but still! Breastfeeding actually takes a lot of energy and during the days when Nate wants to eat all the time I can feel really tired, like after a hardcore workout or something similar. I never understood that feeding someone could be such a big thing for the body before this. Luckily it doesn’t come with weird side effects like pregnancy did lol. I DON’T miss the heartburn, pain in every part of the body, cramps, nausea etc etc. Pregnancy was really one of my least favorite things. Except for the kicking! I loved the kicking.

Now I’m gonna go clean out some of Nate’s clothes because he’s outgrown his last size again! Ooh my mommy heart aces a bit because time goes by too fast and my mini human is growing up too soon.

Sweater - Timberland

Pants - Moschino

You find the outfit at Babyshop and you get -15% off your shopping with my code MOLLIES15 (valid for 24 hours)!

Ps. The code works on everything (both normal & discounted prices) except for some selected brands, strollers and car seats.



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