My LAST pregnancy update!! (Week 39)

6 days left

Today I entered week 39 which means this is my LAST pregnancy update!! Because next Wednesday I'm having my C-section and we'll finally get to meet our son. I'm getting pretty nervous about the operation, especially after going through the whole process more in detail with the doctors this morning. I hadn't really thought about the whole C-section part before now, and I'm not a big fan of operations etc hehe. But I'm dying to meet my son so luckily that takes up 99% of my thoughts right now. I can't believe we're this close now!!

The baby: Now Mini pretty much has the length and weight he'll have at birth next week. At the ultrasound a couple of months ago they estimated that he would be around 3-3.2kg at birth, but I'm guessing 3.4kg! I can tell that he's ran out of space in there because he can't really kick anymore, so it's more just "stretching" and moving around as much as possible hehe.

Mommy: My fingers are so swollen I'm surprised I manage to write this blog post. Me a week ago "luckily I'm not swollen at least", then I woke up with potato fingers a couple of days later haha! Otherwise I feel better than I have during this whole pregnancy. I'm able to go for long walks, so I'm outdoors a lot which fits just perfectly since the weather is great. And it's such a big relief to finally be able to walk a lot and be a bit active. It feels like my body has gotten so much stronger these past two weeks so I feel ready!

Preparations: I still haven't packed the whole hospital bag haha. Who am I?! I've been telling myself to do this for MONTHS now and here I am, 6 days before we're having the baby, with still half of the hospital items missing. Oh well, I have something to do during the weekend! Otherwise we also still haven't set up the stroller or baby car seat... But apart from that small detail everything's ready for Mini and we're just waiting to get him home with us now!

So to sum it up, I'M MEETING MY SON IN 6 DAYS GUYS!! Don't know how to get through these last days because my heart is almost skipping beats I'm that excited haha. <3



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