My last couple of days

My last weekend was well-needed. I spent some me-time during Saturday, strolled around in stores searching for new shoes and some clothing. I also went out to eat without a baby or a husband for the first time in, well, 5 months haha, and it was great. But weird! You get so used to being around your little bubba that you almost forget what life without them looks and feels like. What do you even do when you're baby-free?!

We celebrated Thomas' first Father's Day on Sunday and honestly I couldn't even imagine what a better father would look like. I'm so happy and blessed to have Thomas in my life and I'm even more happy that Nate gets to have him in his life and grow up with the best daddy.

This week I'm trying to get lots of work done since I'm planning to take the whole December month off?! I know. wasn't sure this day would come in a long time but I feel really good about my decision! We're going to be in Marbella the whole month so I want to just enjoy my family, Marbella and a month away from everything. I can't wait!



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