My happy pill

I can't wait to hear him giggle. He still only "laughs" without sounds but it's still the cutest thing ever so I don't even know how cute it's going to be when he starts giggling haha.

Being at home with a 2-month-old baby during the days can be challenging. Sometimes I feel lonely, sometimes I feel stressed out but sometimes I feel bored (depending on how much he is awake), sometimes we have the best days with cuddles and smiles from morning until bed time and sometimes he is grumpy and it's a bit less smiley vibes at home.

Everyday I'm learning more and more that mom life doesn't have to be perfect. The first days that wasn't all smiles and happy times felt like a failure. But now I've noticed that I need those days as well, to grow and develop as a parent and person. Oh how you grow as a person when you're comforting a grumpy baby with one arm, cooking with the other and try to hang in there a few more minutes even though you need to use the toilet asap haha...

Today was an "easy day" at home and Nate smiled literally the whole day through, which means I did the same. I felt so energized after taking some me-time last night - I went on a mini roadtrip to one of my favorite places and just sat there and had some time for myself. I hadn't noticed how much I needed that until I was there but now I know it's important to remember those "me, myself & I" moments so I'll definitely try to have some more me-time the coming weeks.

Now I'm off to make some yummy dinner before going out on our traditional evening walk. Big love. <3



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