My favorite details

(In collaboration with Syster henry)

I recently got home these adorable kids posters - so cozy since it felt like some more baby friendly interior pieces were missing before these arrived! Now we have these two that fit perfectly and makes our home feel more like Nathaniel's as well.

This wall art and interior decor for home and kids room is from Syster henry, they are own designed and from Finland! The wall art is also environmental-friendly, a thing that is important for me when it comes to the stuff I have at home. My absolute favorite piece is the birthday frog poster that has Nathaniel's birth measures on it. It reminds me of my favorite thing (aka. him) and of how tiny he was when he arrived. It's only been 5 weeks but he already weighs 2kg more and has gotten quite a few more cm's as well. So the poster is a perfect reminder of our first meeting since time's just running away.

I also love to simply freshen up our home every once in a while and small details like a new poster on a wall or some fresh flowers has that effect. Nothings's better than putting up a new set of lovely posters and noticing how the whole room gets a new vibe! So I feel that these posters work great as a fresh summer feeling in our home.

If you want to see more of Syster henry pieces or maybe get yourself these ones, click here.

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(These two pictures are taken by Arto Timonen)



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