My favorite day

SUNDAY! My favorite day hehe. Last night was a bit short since Nate had slept the whole day and had energy like never before from 10PM --> haha. After the church we made home made (vegan) burgers with nachos and had a cozy afternoon.

We also met some nanny applicants today and chose a lovely woman who from Tuesday forward will be at home with me and Nate during the days. I'm so excited!!

Now we're on our way out for a little powerwalk, today I'm going to try the new stroller where Nate can sit more upright and be able to see what's going on around him while we're out for a walk. I know they recommend to use it from 6 months and up but I notice that Nate is getting very restless when he can't see what's happening and we're out walking. So I'm going to see how it works with this new version! If it's too early we'll just switch back to the old one for now.

I'm sooo gonna soak in these last summer days and all the sun I can get before it gets dark and cold. Now we're only 3 months away from leaving to Marbella for some times so it doesn't feel like this winter is going to get too rough. But I still need to charge some sun vitamins before autumn is here.(Although it's so cozy to wear autumn clothes, knitted sweaters and jeans)



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