My birth story

On Wednesday (the 29th) we left to the hospital in the morning. First everything went pretty calmly, we took some blood samples and sat and watched Netflix in a waiting room. I had been waiting on this day for 9 months and I had been nervous a lot, but during the morning before the C-section I was actually very calm! At 11:30 we were called to a room where I switched into operation clothes and after that everything went SO FAST. We arrived in the operation room at 12 and at 12:27 Nathaniel was born. <3

When the operation started I had a little moment of panic and it was very unpleasant with all the needles etc. The most rough part was when they gave the anesthesia and I had to lay in a weird position and everything felt scary. But after that everything felt good and safe and the rest of the operation went great! There were also around 10 people in the room so it felt really safe in every way. And my husband sat by my side and held my hand during the whole thing, which felt so good. I didn't feel any pain or anything from the actual operation, I just felt a lot of "pushing around" when the kept on pressing on my belly. But it wasn't painful and it didn't feel that bad! I know that some people find the operation super bad and that they find it really uncomfortable and gross when they can "feel what's happening", so I had been a bit nervous about that but for me it wasn't bad at all since I didn't feel anything. The only thing I was worried about when they started the C-section was that Mini would be ill or not breathe properly when he came out. Luckily he was perfectly healthy and well!

The moment I heard Nathaniel's voice was the best moment ever. The tears started falling immediately and it was so unreal to meet the human being that had been inside me for 9 months.

The doctors put our baby boy on my chest straight away and even though I had needles and tubes everywhere I tried to touch him as much as possible and kiss him so that he would feel safe. And it was crazy how you could see that he recognized me & my husband and he became so much more calm from the second he heard our voices. And from that minute I forgot that doctors were cutting in my belly so the rest of the operation went by very fast haha.

A 1-minute old Nathaniel <3

During the end of the operation the midwifes and my husband went and took some tests on our baby boy and my husband got to put on his first diaper and make him a burrito blanket.

I was SO impressed about how my husband handled the whole C-section and everything else. We had joked about him passing out etc but he was the one lifting me up when I laid there on the operation table with fear in my eyes. And when the baby arrived he had daddy instincts from moment one! Since I couldn't do much at that point the midwives let him do everything like cut the chord, put on the first diaper and tuck him in. He carried our baby boy out of the operation room when we left and basically fixed everything the whole first day that I couldn't even help with since I wasn't able to even lift my toes haha.

During the whole first day after the operation I wasn't able to feel my legs or belly. I got IV drip and had a catheter on me as well. This was really hard since all I wanted to do was follow every single movement our baby did. But I couldn't for example change diapers or carry him at all. Lucky for me the main thing baby N wanted to do was eat haha! Breastfeeding is really a full time job, no joke! What he does 90% of the time he is awake at this point is to EAT. And I'm so thankful that the breastfeeding started going well immediately. He still lost some weight as almost all newborns do during the first days, so today he was only 3.0kg - he was 3.3kg at birth. I hope that he starts gaining weight soooon so I don't have to worry about him not getting enough nutrition etc.

Here's an accurate picture of what I looked like the morning after the operation after almost 0 sleep and my first night as a mommy. Still so happy with baby N on my chest.

Something I wasn't prepared for was the amount of pain I was in after the C-section. The morning after the operation when I was able to move my legs I started standing up and walk tiny steps little by little. It hurt so much that I cried a couple of times and got really upset at some moments.

And it's not only the actual C-section scar but after the operation your intestines are kind of working their way back to their normal position and it hurts so incredibly much. So the first two days were really rough because of the pain but now on my third day after the operation I'm feeling A LOT better and I hope I'll have a quick recovery so I'm able to go out on long walks with baby N as soon as possible. I'm still not allowed to carry anything other than the baby for the coming 6-8 weeks and not do anything more rough than taking a walk.

Now Nathaniel is only a bit over 2 full days old and the love we have for him is just crazy. Every minute that I spend with him on my chest makes me fall more in love with him and his dad. <3 I can't believe this little perfect creature is 50% me and 50% my husband aka my favorite person on this whole planet. I'm so happy that my hubby is going to be home with us for many weeks so we can get to know our new family member together! Life couldn't be better in any single way at this point. My heart is so full. <3

Baby N leaving the hospital today - so happy to be home with him now. <3



What a gorgeous baby boy! Congratulations! 🤗 He’s beautiful
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