Morning thoughts

Good morning babes. Hectic is not a good enough word to describe how much is going on right now haha. Nate is still teething and has started eating solid foods which makes his stomach unbalanced, Thomas has super long days at work since he has lots of new projects and more things to do than before and I myself have more work than ever before. So while I'm writing this post Nate's with his nanny and I try to have an effective work-morning and day. And lots of snacks...

I don't know if it's the stress or what but I've become addicted to chocolate. Addicted. Not just craving it but I NEED it. It feels like it's my fuel to survive at the moment haha. My skin is not a very big fan of this new addiction but it's worth it.

Even though we're in a stressy phase right now I'm really learning to enjoy our everyday life. I used to be the person who count days until the next vacation or big happening, but now I'm like ENJOYING the simple things and it's so nice to finally be calm in the moment instead of dreaming away. Although I'm actually very happy that we're going to Marbella in two months to spend a whole month there, because this autumn darkness is already getting to me.

Now I'm gonna stack up some chocolate, nachos and diet coke and then do some work in bed!! Like you're not allowed to mix some work with pleasure... :)



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