More C-section complications

Happy Monday!! I'm that annoying person who actually likes Mondays. Anyways, with a baby you don't even separate the days from each other so it could as well be Friday today haha. This week a lot is happening including my birthday, Baby N's baby blessing and name ceremony (which means almost all our close family members will be here yay) and some exciting work stuff.

I get a lot of questions about how I continue working even though I'm at home with a newborn. The thing is that I do everything while he's asleep and at this point he's still sleeping a lot so during the days whenever he falls asleep I just take my laptop and answer emails, prepare collaborations/the projects I have going on and write my blog posts etc. I don't work when he's awake and I'll try to keep that as a rule for as long as he's at home with me (which will be a looong time haha).

It seems like I've got a possible new infection after my C-section and this one is in the actual scar. A couple of days ago I noticed how my scar's gotten super red and swollen (it feels warm as well) and fluids keep coming out of it. So tomorrow I'm going back for yet another check-up and will probably get some new antibiotics.

My feelings about having a C-section are so all over the place because in some ways it's been really good and then again I've still had some complications and they don't seem to end. I don't know if this new infection is because I've been over-active and done too much too soon?! But I'm a bit tired of going back and forth to the hospital and getting new medicines and pain killers all the time. So let's hope this is the last complication from this operation!

Now I'm off to the pharmacy to get some new pain killers and something that will help my scar to heal. Have a cozy night! <3



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