Me & my husband answer

How has your relationship changed since the baby arrived?

Now we have a mini human who needs almost all of our attention and love so that obviously means that we have less time for each other right now. But the love for each other has only grown and now there's simply 100 times more love in our little family. Also we laugh a lot more together for some reason now with a baby, maybe he's our little happy pill haha. We literally laugh almost all the time and the three of us have so much fun together. But yeah, the thing that has changed the most is that we don't have as much husband & wife time as before.

Who changes more diapers?

Definitely Thomas! Since I breastfeed and our baby wants to eat almost all the time it's natural that he changes the diapers when he's at home so I get those couple of minutes for myself to have some food, text a friend, rest or whatever. I think I've changed 5 diapers during these 3 weeks haha and he changes around 10 a day. :)

What features do you wish he'll get from you?

Thomas' calmness and patience, Molly's kindness and humor

What's the biggest different in your everyday life?

We wake up every 1,5-3 hours during the night and sleep a bit less overall, we always have our hands full and need to plan stuff more than before and then we have this endless love and happiness that only a mini you can bring. <3

Who does Nathaniel look more like?

We think he's an exact 50/50 combination of us at this point haha. Probably changes later on but at the moment he looks pretty much like the both of us in some ways. He has my nose and eyes and the rest is very much Thomas!

What's your week and strong sides as parents?

My week side is that I suck at waking up in the middle of the night, Thomas has to wake me up when I fall asleep while breastfeeding haha. Strong side is that I always put him first and that it comes very naturally for me.

Thomas' week side is that he gets a bit mad when he's stressed out, so luckily that isn't too often haha. His strong side is that he's super good at waking up during the night and also staying up with Baby N if he doesn't want to go back to sleep. He has looots of patience.



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