Yesterday we arrived in Marbella after a really good day of traveling. For weeks I had been worrying about how the flight was gonna go with a 6-month-old baby and the nightmare was of course that he would cry throughout the whole flight. But nope, Nate just smiled, played and slept during the whole time! Wihuu.

We're renting a house by the ocean in Marbella and will stay here for the whole December month! Since I'm not a big fan of the winter it's so nice to be here and get some sun, be able to go out without a jacket and even sit on the terrace while I'm working and Nate is sleeping next to me. I'm already in love with this place and as a big plus we have the best vegetarian and vegan restaurant next to us, so guess where I'll be eating my meals this whole month haha...

I would say that one of the most essential things while traveling with a baby is to bring a travel stroller with you! I wouldn't have survived at the airport if I hadn't been able to bring the stroller to all places.

Our travel stroller is from Ozbaby and by the brand Baby Jogger. It's so handy and compact, you can even bring it in to the flight with you as a hand luggage! And it has a little bag that you can put it in so it's very easy to travel with it and without it our trip here would have been a lot more difficult.

You find the Baby Jogger from Ozbaby here.



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