Made to match

(In collaboration with Golden Vagance)

Swim shorts here

Swimsuit here

Here's the concept you've all been looking for. Swimwear & eyewear made to match! A new brand with a brand new launch for both women and men. During the summer my favorite outfits are beach-outfits and it's a bit annoying when you can't get the two things you need the most to match. But now you get the best matchy summer-wear from Golden Vagance and the best part is that you can match with your hubby as well. <3

We've been strolling around all week in our matchy swimwear and they are SO comfortable and good looking. You'll probably see us in these all summer long haha! The fabrics are so soft & of such high quality and they’ve got different patterns and colours for whatever you like the most.

Ps. Get -25% off with my code ”MOLLIES25” - valid for 48 hours. <3

Sunglasses here

Bikini top here

Bikini bottom here



I love these!!
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