Keeping track of my schedule

(In collaboration with Aikataito)

Before Baby N arrived I didn't need to write anything up. If someone gave me a time and place I would remember and be there, without having to put 5 reminders on my phone. One of the biggest changes in my everyday life with having a baby is that my hands are full 24/7 and so is my brain haha. I barely remember answering text messages and it kind of stresses me out that I have more things to do than ever and I'm in a constant fear that I'm forgetting something.

I've gotten home a lovely calendar from Aikataito that I'm using to stay organized and mainly to remember everything that's on my schedule and that needs to be done. They have lots of different options when it comes to their calendars and wether you want to keep a regular calendar, a calendar to have throughout the school year, a food diary or keep track of your family life and kid's schedule, you find it on their site.

Working with social media means deadlines and a normal workday for me includes at least two deadlines. I'm pretty sure I'd forget half of them right now if I didn't write them up in my calendar. Life with a newborn means your time-schedule is a bit all over the place. I can sit and work in front of my laptop when Baby N is napping but then he wakes up and wants to eat and one hour later I have no idea of what I was working on or what needs to be done. So at this point I simply wouldn't function without a calendar and plenty alarms haha. I guess the lack of sleep has something to do with it as well... :)

A thing I also want to mention about the calendar I'm using is that it's as far away from boring as a calendar can be. It's inspiring and makes you want to use it instead of just leaving it in the drawer. You find the calendar here. <3

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