Inspo for the home

(In collaboration with Trendcarpet)

Hi loves. Lately I've been more and more inspired to get more engaged in interior design and when it comes to making it cozy around the house. As you've probably seen we've already gotten lots of posters up for this autumn and right now we're looking to get some new tables and most importantly, new carpets. I want to become the type of person who always has a clean home with great furniture and fresh fruit in a bowl. Now I'm the type of person who has 100 toys on the floor and still haven't had time to buy a table for the TV haha. I can't lie, I'm not the best when it comes to keeping it clean or cozy around the house but now I'm actually trying!

I don't know why but always when I enter a new house or apartment the carpets are definitely one of the first things I look at. I've always loved big, fluffy carpets, especially in livingrooms. And my favorite colours (as always haha) for these are grey, white or dark blue. White is a bit tricky now that we have a baby since it'll probably get messy real quick, so for now I'm thinking grey or blue will be a better choice. Although my ultimate interior dream is to have an all white livingroom sometimes in the future (when Nate is all grown up).

Right now I'm looking at carpets from a lovely store called Trendcarpet. Click here to get to their website. I'm sooo in between like 10 different carpets and can't decide which one to get for our livingroom, which to get for our bedroom and the hall. They have such a good selection of carpets and just the type I like. Simple, fresh and stylish ones. They also have super lovely carpets for children's rooms so I'm thinking about getting some for Nate from Trendcarpet as well. But right now his room is basically our room since since he sleeps next to us haha...

Have a sunny day peeps! <3



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