WHAAAA I'm just so happy I barely know what to write in this post. I'm going to be a mom. Me & my husband are going to be parents!! How crazy is that. My heart is so full of love and for the first time in my life I feel complete in every way.

The doctors told me it would take many many years before I could get pregnant, if it even was possible, after my eating disorders. So we tried getting used to the thought, but something told me it wasn't gonna be this way. 4 weeks after my first period in many years I got the news about this little miracle of ours. I wish someone would have taken a video of our reactions that morning. It was literally the best feeling in the world and no other happiness can compare to it.

Today we had our second ultrasound and it was the most beautiful thing I've ever seen. I still can't believe a human being is growing inside of me. To see our baby move its tiny hands and legs was the most beautiful thing ever and I'm already dying to meet our baby.

I've already gotten tons of question about the pregnancy after announcing it today. I will answer some questions later this week, so stay tuned for that! Otherwise I'm on my way to Helsinki tomorrow in the morning, I will quest the TV show Fomo Live tomorrow night, so if you wanna see that you can turn on Yle TV2 at 9PM. And yeeees, this pregnancy is definitely one of the main reasons for going back to Finland this week! I just want to be close to my family and friends during this whole thing.

The second trimester starts in a week and the first one has sure been a roller-coaster. I've been working hard on gaining weight and being as healthy as possible. I had a period of INSANE nausea so I'm still taking medicines for that but now I'm a lot less nauseous but I sleep like I don't know what. I can sleep for 16 hours and still be tired - it's crazy how the body reacts to growing a human being!!

I'm forever grateful for getting my biggest prayer answered. Forever grateful for my family. And for the love. <3



Congratulations! 😊 And nice blog you have!
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