I sleep a LOT!

I got some questions about my sleeping habits after yesterday's post where I said I sleep a lot and have a lot of nightmares. So here's the thing:

My mind and body are still recovering from my eating disorders and therefor I'm still tired a lot. A couple of months ago when my body was still in emergency mode I could stay in bed 2/3 of the day. Now I have a lot of energy when I'm awake but I still need a lot of sleep and rest. So I actually sleep up to 11 hours every night. Which is a looot.

I'm only a few kg's away from my target weight and I hope that once I reach it I won't be needing as much sleep as I do right now. But I know how important it is to listen to your body and rest when it needs to rest etc. So for now I'm sticking to my 11 hours of sleep.

And about sleeping pills, some of you suggested that I should start taking sleeping pills to minimize my nightmares. I've tried this but it gives me the opposite effect... Plus I find it super hard to wake up after taking sleeping pills so I'll have to figure something else out. Some of you recommended dream therapy, I need to look that up!!



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