I love you

My little baby is growing so fast. Today he finally lifted his chest up completely (while laying on his stomach) and he's also started standing up all the time (with some help of course haha). And I love it. I mean, it feels a bit sentimental that I don't have a newborn anymore and that he's getting bigger and bigger but at the same time it's so nice that he's getting more active, independent and aware of what's happening. It's so exciting to see how fast he's learning new things at this point.

Obviously Thomas is away in Spain for a business trip and missed all of Nate's new "firsts" haha... I already miss my husband (a lot) and I'm not used to being away from him so especially now, his first nights away from Nate, will be hard. I'm a bit love-spoiled since I get to spend so much time with my man otherwise. <3

Apart from that life is great right now. My mom is here so Nate gets to spend lots of time with his grandma, I get a lot of baby-free time and a looot of rest (which is exactly what I need right now) and I have plenty of fun things coming up next week including Nate's first baby swimming lesson tomorrow!!

Have a great evening loves. <3



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