How to gain weight

As I've talked about I'm having a hard time gaining weight and sometimes it feels like it's impossible to find vegan snacks that has enough calories, is healthy and tastes GOOD. I've recently started eating these baked chocolate cookies and I'm in love. They have lots of energy and proteins and taste amazing.

When I started gaining weight I felt bloated and uncomfortable 24/7 since I was so full all the time. These cookies are perfect because I just add one or two of these in between my meals and it feels greaaaat. I've already gained a little more weight and I feel energized. And on bad days, when I don't feel like eating anything, it's good to take baby step and just start the day with a cookie. I'm not afraid of food anymore, but I still get anxiety attacks when I've eaten something "unhealthy" and feel bad. But as you know, I have a sweet tooth and therefor these cookies have helped a lot since they are healthy but still tastes so snacky.

You find the cookies here and more yummy proteins like this at! (These cookies are also amazing if you're gaining muscles or if you just wanna have a good snack) With my code MPAMOLLY you get -30% on all products at !! So go get your proteins. <3



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