How do I keep vacation when I'm my own boss?

A thing I get lots of questions about and a thing I haven't really figured out myself yet is what I'm going to share with you in this post. Since I'm self-employed my holidays, leaves etc don't really work like it does with most jobs. So how do I keep vacations/maternity leave when I'm my own boss?

The thing I get most questions about is that I haven't officially been on maternity leave (yet). I've been lucky to have a husband who wanted to be home with our son for a long time in the beginning and who also was able to take some time off from work. I'm also lucky that I'm able to work from home and that I have flexible office hours since I mostly decide when I work myself, so what I've been doing so far is that I always work when Nathaniel is asleep. Sometimes it's many hours during the days and sometimes it's more during late evenings.

I notice that it's getting harder now that Thomas is back to work and I have my hands full with Nathaniel during the days. But I still love to work late evenings/when Thomas is back from work and can be with Nate.

So I don't feel the need or want to be on an official maternity leave at this point, mostly because I love my work and to be honest I think I would feel a bit lost if I didn't do "anything other" than to be at home with my son. I need my own projects and me-time to stay happy and motivated. Even though being a mommy is my favorite job.

So yes I do spend all hours with Nate when he's awake but I'm also making time for work which is important for me. And the times I've had to go somewhere for meetings etc Thomas has been with Nate, I just schedule my own appointments so they don't collide with Thomas work stuff.

But now the hard part, how do I take a week or even a weekend off when I want a normal "vacation" or something similar?

I actually haven't taken more than one day off in a row ever since I started with what I'm doing now. Some days I'm "almost on vacation" but I still answer emails, answer phone calls and am available all the time. So my challenge is that I'm in August gonna take a whole weekend off, not as much as look through a single email or answer my phone. I'll simply try to look at my phone overall as little as possible. And my laptop is off the limits! For me this is a challenge since I'm a bit addicted to reading emails the minute I receive them and to always be up to date with everything.

So keeping vacation when you're your own boss is pretty challenging if you're like me, but technically you decide your time off by yourself and if you have upcoming campaigns etc during the time your away you can just make the posts and material ready beforehand!

I often get questions about my maternity leave and when someone asks ”so you’re on maternity leave now” I’m like ”yes or no but kind of” simply because I don’t know how to in a simple way explain that I’m at home taking care of my baby during the days but still work as much as before haha...



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