He's here!

Mini is sleeping in my lap while I’m writing this. He has soon been here with us for 24 hours and we couldn’t be happier. He is perfect and everything we could ever wish for. <3

The operation went good and I will later do a whole post about my birth experience! I’m in a lot more pain than I thought I’d be, but I was just able to take a shower and the medicine I get help a lot. And otherwise I feel really good!

Mini is an angel and literally slept through his first night with just one tiny diaper change?! Me & my husband were prepared to go without any sleep but I’m pretty sure both him and the baby slept a full 7 hours haha!! I was awake most of the time because of the belly pain though.

Nathaniel (Mini’s real name haha) is 3.3kg & 51cm tall and he’s so tiny I don’t know how to handle him! The cutest thing I’ve ever seen and he just keeps getting cuter by the minute.

We’ll probably be able to go home from the hospital tomorrow evening if everything looks good! Until then we’ll just keep on cuddling and getting to know our new family member here. Soon I’m also able to walk a bit myself and move overall so it’ll get easier to change diapers, tuck him in etc!

More updates coming sooon. <3



Stor gratulation till sonen! <3 Ser fram emot att läsa mer om operationen och fortsätta följa ditt mamma-liv 😃nouw.com/idamida
congratulations!!!This reminds me of my own situation after childbirth,Looking forward to your update.www.esbateria.es
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