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In less than a week we're going to Marbella! Wihuu. A vacation is exactly what we need right now. My husband is in Switzerland for some meetings right now so I'm home with my mom & Nate. I'm trying to pack for our trip but at the same time I'm trying to shop for our new apartment and do 100 other things so if I know myself I will forget half of my packing here when we leave... :)

So, when we get home from Marbella we're moving straight into our new house (that will say, if it's ready by then - as it should be)! So I'm kind of panicking trying to decide on new furniture and details for the new house so we don't sit there without anything once we get home from our vacay haha. Going away for a month while building a new house isn't the best timing guys! But we still need some sun in this winter darkness.

Now I'm gonna go eat some chocolate and binge watch Netflix while Nate is napping. Right now I'm obsessed with crime series and thrillers. Although I get nightmares and watch half of the scenes with only one eye haha!



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