Hello Monday

(Picture from today's baby swimming lesson)

I kind of took the weekend off and focused on my family and my well-being. On Friday my mom came here so Nate has spent most of this weekend with his grandma (who leaves tomorrow) which means me & my husband have had lots of me-time and mom & dad time hehe. Well needed. <3 So sad my mom lives pretty far away when she should be like our neighbor or something!

On Saturday me and Thomas went to Sthlm Brunch Club and had a really cozy morning and a great brunch. I had been craving their vegan milkshake for so long and brunch is overall my absolute favorite meal so it was a perfect date and start to the day. In the evening we spent some time with friends who's recently moved here and then we went home early so we got to do Nate's evening routine and put him to bed. :) Recently I've noticed that routines are getting important to him and he doesn't wanna go to sleep if we don't cuddle with him and do "the usual" stuff.

On Sunday we went on a roadtrip to visit Elton (aka the best dog in the world). As I've written before Elton stayed with our little family for one year before he moved back to his old family where he was and now again is a breed dog. We miss him so much and our home isn't the same without our little pug who snores and gives you the cutest puppy eyes in the world.

We'll try to visit Elton as much as possible but it's a 3 hour drive from us to where he lives now so it's pretty hard to find time for that kind of roadtrips now that we have Nate. Otherwise life goes on as usual, I've finally slept a lot this weekend and it feels good haha. Tomorrow I'm shooting a campaign, have a mommy group meeting and spend some time with my own mom before she goes back to Finland.

Have a great week loves!



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