Hard decisions

Today we were supposed to sign our new home, buy our new home. But it's funny how life works and how a place that feels perfect suddenly can feel like it's not the right choice or place for your family. And this was the case with this place for us! Yesterday, after many pro's and con's, lots of thinking and guidance from prayers, we were 100% sure that it's not meant for us to buy this place.

Right now it takes Thomas 30 minutes to go by bike to his office and from the new place it would've taken him a lot more time by car/bus. This was one amongst many small things that matter a lot when you have a child at home! We will eventually have to move in to a bigger place since we feel that we soon need one more room, mostly for all Nate's stuff haha. And maybe a guest room so friends and family can visit easily. But we take on day at a time and also, we love the place we have right now in every way so we're not in a hurry.

A thing I've been thinking about lately is how we always plan for the future and think about what's going to happen next. Sometimes we simply forget to enjoy everything exactly as it is in the moment. We're waiting for a new apartment, a new car, the vacation we're going on, next week's schedule etc. But we're really bad at just being 100% happy in the moment and take every day as it comes. Still I feel like my family has become sooo much better at this during this summer. Since Nate arrived we see every day as something special and we cherish every day in a new way. Even if it's just going out for a long walk or out for dinner we enjoy it and are happy and present in the moment. But still we are like most others when it comes to planning new apartments and vacations haha...

When I was really ill and stayed at the eating disorder clinic my mom used to say that there are no must-do's in life. I can choose whatever makes me happy even if it means moving to Hawaii and never looking back. I don't have to follow any "rules" of how a life is supposed to look like. This is something that has sticked with me ever since. And now I say the same things to the people around me whenever they are feeling really down about something. There is ALWAYS another option and a way to make life less shitty when everything just sucks. You just have to take away all the expectations and must-do's other people have set for you and you're pretty much free to do anything in this whole wide world. You're free to create a life you love no matter what that looks like.

With this said I'm now going to cuddle up with Nate in the sofa and watch some Nashville while he's taking a nap! Have a lovely week loves. <3



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