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Today we were supposed to go shopping for some new furniture but on our way in the car we discovered some new apartments for sale in a new area so we turned the car around and went on a little sightseeing. We decided that we like this new area so tomorrow we have scheduled two apartment displays there, let's see if we find something that fits our little family. I'm actually a bit tired of this apartment hunting that we've been doing for the last 6 months and I just wanna find a cozy place asap so this stress can get out of my life haha.

Tonight we're gonna have a cozy night just the three of us since we haven't had that in a looong time. I appreciate it even more than usually now that both me and Thomas have had a lot of work and it feels like I've barely had time to see my hubby this last week. So now I'm gonna enjoy this weekend to 110%!!



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