Good morning

Hi babes, yesterday after a pretty rough day we decided to check in at a hotel. Less than 5km from our apartment. I know. We're crazy but that's what I love about us. :)

Last night I spent all night in bed watching semi bad movies, eating and cuddling. It was exactly the type of night I needed. The best part is that Elton (our pug) gets to be at the hotel with us. He completely loves it. But... This morning we had a tiiiny accident. Elton decided to pee in our bed while we went downstairs for breakfast. So I had to make an awkward room service phone call saying we had a little accident and need new sheets again... Don't know if they were too happy about that. And they looked terribly confused since they didn't quit know if the accident was Elton's or someone else's haha. I just told them we had an adventurous morning. Also, Elton ate my gift card to the spa last night, so now you know who won't be getting that free massage today.

We're gonna stay here for one more night and today I'm looking forward to start planning our trip that is happening next week. Although, we're not the most well-planned people as you've probably noticed, so we're probably gonna go with the "let's do what feels good today" strategy.

Now we're gonna take a morning swim in the rooftop pool before we start the day for real. Have a great day!

Ps. Hotel breakkie is probably my favorite meal forever. And no, I'm not gonna sit organizing my fruits and breakfast to make it look more social media friendly, I always just mix everything together and have 5 different plates that look like this.



Elton fan
Elton fan,
HAHA i cant he’s the best😂
I hope you will have a wonderful day beautiful ! <3
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