First day just the two of us

I've had both an amazing but also really rough weekend. A big change happened in our lives and although I'm not quite ready to write and talk about it yet I'll let you in on it later. Otherwise everything's been good. Our little family had our first little roadtrip together yesterday and Baby N seemed to like it a lot. We were in the car for around 7-8 hours throughout the day and he didn't complain once! Apparently he likes roadtrips as much as his parents. :)

Today is my first full day at home just me & Baby N while Thomas is at work. The last months of pregnancy were incredibly boring during the days when I was at home alone and too tired and big to go anywhere haha. So I just sat at home watching Netflix for hours and counting minutes until Thomas would be home again. Now it's the complete opposite - the hours are just running away and I wouldn't have time to watch even 10 minutes of TV. And I love it!! This type of action is exactly what I've been craving. And it's not just the baby - but my schedule is filled with fun stuff everyday for many weeks forward and there's just a looot happening with everything from work to family and friends.

Right now Baby N is taking a nap and that means that I'm trying to squeeze in a lunch, lots of work and some must-do stuff during his nap. The funny thing with napping is that you never know when he is going to wake up haha. It can be in 10 minutes or 2 hours. So sometimes I stress and eat my lunch in 3 minutes so I'll have time to finish it and then the baby won't wake up until 2 hours later. And other times he wakes up the minute I take out the food from the oven and then I'll eat it an hour later when it's cold and yummy haha... :)

Ps. For those of you who asked about the vegan taco lasagna I showed you on my Instagram mystories yesterday:

You fry soy meat/quorn pieces with onions and tomatoes and mix it with taco spices. Then put it in tortillas and also add vegan creme fraiche and salsa sauce. Then you just put all the tortillas/burritos on a big plate and add nachos and vegan cheese on top - then let it be in the oven (200C) for about 10-15 minutes! This is the most simple and delicious thing ever yum.



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