Evening moments

Hi loves. Today I had the perfect morning which is rare to have when you also have a 4-month-old baby (who's still teething). We woke up at 9:30 (!!!!) and just cuddled in bed until Nate's nanny arrived at 10. I always remember to thank God for giving me a baby who loves sleeping as much as I do haha...

Then I continued with a nap and just laid in bed until 12:30. Who am I?! This is some serious pregnant-Molly behavior. When I was pregnant with N I used to lay in bed half the day just watching TV series but this morning was the first day since N arrived that I've done anything even close to that. And it felt GOOD:

So guys, wether you're stressing with school, work, family life or something else, remember to take time for yourself every now and then and just enjoy. <3

Today I've also gotten lots of work done and I just feel calm and happy in my whole body. This is very rare for me and I usually feel some sort of anxiety or even just a bit worried for something. But right now I don't. At all. So I'll just enjoy this and oh how I'm looking forward to this weekend. My mom is coming here so we'll get lots of help with Nate, I'm gonna go on a brunch date with my hubby and we're also gonna go on a roadtrip to visit the best pug Elton. <3



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