Dinner at Grand Hotel

Yesterday my little family and our American friends went to Grand Hotel and tried their Smörgåsbord. The food was great and we had a lovely evening! I definitely recommend the dinner, especially if you have friends from abroad who want to try something traditional Swedish.

Nate has been a bit grumpy the last couple of days and at the same time I've felt that my milk production is pretty low. So last night I was so worried about him not getting enough milk that I barely slept a minute. Let's say I wasn't in the best mood when I woke up this morning after like a mini nap haha...

Anyways after talking with friends, a midwife and getting advice from you guys I think everything is OK. He just had a pretty big meal and he seems just fine so I'm probably over-reacting (mom life x 100) haha.

Today we're going to Gröna Lund in the evening! And my mom also arrives in Stockholm so she'll come and pick Nate up and go spend some grandma-time with him. It's relaxing to have a baby-free night before our temple sealing tomorrow! And I've been waiting on getting to ride roller-coasters in 2 years(!!) so I'm super excited about this.

Now we're soon going in to the city to just hang with our friends and go see some nice places but I can't decide if we're gonna go by car or public transportation so that's why I'm still sitting here haha. I've never gone anywhere without car with Nate but I hate parking and I also get nervous during rush hours so I'm thinking I'll spare myself some sweat by going by public transportation. But at the same time I'm a bit addicted to our car and would probably get stressed out by dragging the stroller on the subway haha...

Have a lovely weekend guys!



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