Diaper moments

(In collaboration with Muumi Baby)

We've been home for a while now with our newest family member and we couldn't be more happy and in love. Newborns don't really do much more than eat, sleep and poop during the first weeks and it's so true haha. Baby N sleeps a lot and eats even more, so the only moments when he's awake and not on my chest is almost when we're changing his diapers! So lots of our cozy family moments are on the changing table at the moment hehe.

Babies are very sensitive and get rashes etc very easily. So I thought I'd introduce you guys to the diapers we're using and which baby N loves! He's so comfortable in them and hasn't gotten any rashes or anything. We're using Muumi Baby diapers that are made in Finland and made from pure high quality raw materials. What I'm so happy about is also that they are allergy, skin and asthma friendly and environmental friendly! Since we change diapers very often it feels good to know that they are green in the best way and made from renewable ingredients.

I already notice how I'm becoming an overprotective mom that doesn't want anything but the best for our baby haha. And therefor I'm happy knowing that these diapers don't contain any bad chemicals (lotions, chlorine etc) and are as natural as possible. The diapers come in lots of different packages and right now we're using the ones for newborns, aka. the smallest ones for 2-5kg babies. When he grows a little bit we're gonna switch to the next size (2-6kg) that we already have at home ready to use! I have a feeling that time will pass by so quickly at this point and newborns develop really fast so we feel good having products for one step ahead with everything.

Baby N is usually very calm when we're changing his diapers, which makes it so much easier for new parents like us that don't really know the best life hacks yet haha! And never would I have thought that some of the coziest moments would be on the changing table. But they are! So if you're using Muumi Baby diapers or are going to try them now, I hope you have as cozy moments as us with them. <3



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