C-section Q/A

How did your body feel the first 24 hours after the operation?

I felt like total shit haha. The first day I couldn't stand up or even move a bit in my bed - I didn't feel my legs and the pain was everywhere.

How fast is your recovery going?

After the first 48 hours I started feeling a bit more alive and now after the first week I'm walking normally again and I'm actually feeling really good which is a bit scary because I know that I'm overdoing it and that I should take it more easy - but it's hard when you're restless and want to be able to do everything hehe.

Would you recommend natural birth or a C-section?

I think that if you give natural birth and everything goes well it's definitely more safe and has less complications compared to a C-section.

Any complications?

I got an infection from the operation so I'm on two antibiotics right now but it's helping already and the fever is getting better for each day! It was really hard on the body though so I'm trying to listen to what it needs.

What was the scariest part of having a C-section?

The scariest part was waiting for the baby to come out and hear his first scream - wanting to finally know that he's 100% okay after being 9 months in my belly. And with the actual operation the scariest part was getting the anesthesia since I was so afraid of that haha.

How has your body recovered otherwise (not the scar)?

Better than expected! I feel almost "back to normal" I think. Since I was underweight when my pregnancy started I don't expect or want to go back to that weight - and the weight I have now, 9 days after the C-section, is a normal and healthy weight. I'm still losing some pregnancy weight and have a little preggy belly left (looks about like in week 12 of pregnancy) but I think I'm going to be "fully recovered" in a couple of weeks since it has gone so fast this first time.



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